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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Installing the Chinese Pangu Jailbreak for iOS 9.3.x

Yesterday we brought you great news, it is that Pangu has released iOS 9.2 Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 for iPhone and iPad with 64-bit architecture.

Unfortunately, the tool that Pangu is presented in Chinese, and although the team of hackers are working on the English version, today we present a tutorial for installing and Jailbreak step by step.

Personally, I usually do not install the Jailbreak on my main iPad, and do not recommend installing this Jailbreak until things normalize a little, or at least until Pangu present the tool in English. However, the decision is yours.

Remember, the tool is in Chinese, so follow the steps to the letter.

In addition, the Jailbreak iOS 9.2 - iOS 9.3.3 is compatible with 64 - bit devices, the tool is exclusive (for now) for Windows, and is NOT compatible with iOS betas in October.

We started!

How to install the Jailbreak on iOS 9.2 - iOS 9.3.3 with Pangu

1. Connect your iPhone / iPad / iPod to your PC.

2. Disable the "Find My iPhone" Settings> iCloud.

3. Access to the Chinese version of the website .

4. Download the Pangu Jailbreak tool by pressing the red button, and then clicking on the link from your PC.

5. Run the pphelper installer to install Jailbreak tool and click on the button to proceed.

6. Once the installation is complete, press on the button to open the PP 5.0 software.

7. Click on the link to download the necessary components.

8. You will be prompted to enter an Apple ID from iPadizate recommend Apple introduce a secondary ID.

9. Then press the green button and wait until the process is completed, again press the green button.

** 10. Click on the email address listed on your device. Click "Trust" to finish.

11. Return to the home screen and open the app PP Jailbreak.

12. Enable notifications, and uncheck the box under the circle.

13. Click on the circle, blocking your device and wait for restart.

14. Unlock your device, and see Cydia on the screen of your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch

Video Tutorial

Remember that the new Pangu Jailbreak is "semi-tethered", so every time you restart your device you will have to repeat the same steps to reinstall the jailbreak. So from the web of Pangu say "Jailbreak or not to Jailbreak, That Is not a question any more".

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