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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

iOS 10: 10 News that Apple introduced at WWDC

At WWDC this year, as you well know, Apple introduced iOS in October . The new mobile operating system the company has come up with great new and very special functions ...

The presentation of iOS 10 at the Worldwide Developers Conference Apple was divided into 10 categories: experience, Siri, QuickType, Photos, Maps, Apple Music, News, Home, Phone and Messages.

In this article we invite you to join us on a walk through all categories of the presentation of iOS 10. Moreover, then enclose the full video of the WWDC you can go see while you look at the most interesting news.

WWDC: iOS presentation 10

1. Experience

First we start with the new user experience that provides iOS 10. Craig Federighi wanted to highlight four aspects: a lock screen redesigned enriched Notifications, more features 3D Touch and faster interaction with apps.

2. Siri

Now with iOS 10 Siri will be able to do many more things, because Apple has opened its codification developers. Thus, users of iOS 10 may ask Siri to perform actions within apps. Something we had been waiting a long time. Additionally, Siri can provide intelligent suggestions, contact information, availability calendar and more.

3. QuickType

The technology QuickType iOS keyboard 10 has been considerably improved as it uses new prediction functions, current location, information extraction in conversations and multiple languages.

4. Photos

The iOS Photos app lets you view all 10 photos on a map based on their location, displays contact photos with face recognition and has a section called Memories where you can store your memories about people, travel, themes, etc.

5. Maps

The Apple Maps application is more proactive, is able to filter important data based on your previous locations. Additionally, it provides more information on traffic and new search controls.

6. Apple Music

Apple's Music app has completely renovated its user interface with a minimalist design and colorful. Additionally, items and categories are much better organized.

7. Apple News

Notifications enriched with iOS 10 now Apple can send news News Notification offering much more info. It also has a cleaner and concise new design.

8. Home

Apple filed a new application to control accessories, gadgets, and devices HomeKit. His name is Home, and additionally features a new panel in the Control Center for quick access to the different functions of each accessory HomeKit access.

9. Phone

In the category Phone, during the WWDC, the company presented an interesting novelty for calls, and that in iOS 10 text transcription of voicemail is available. But the best part comes now, with the VoIP API calls and receive video calls on the screen lock apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger, etc.

10. messages

Last but not least, Apple introduced a lot of news, features and functions in their native instant messaging application: iMessage. Now with iOS 10 users can send giant emoji, see thumbnails of links enriched, using the emojificación to predict emojis in the text, use Tapback to add reactions to messages, including dramatic effects on each message, download apps from the App Store send invisible messages, and even draw with Digital Touch, a technology already present in Apple Watch.

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