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Sunday, 17 July 2016

iOS 10: 3 News that hate

We have been using the beta version of iOS in October for a couple of weeks ago, and we are absolutely delighted with some of the new features introduced in such as messages , the visual appearance of the user interface of the Notifications , or emojificación of QuickType. 🙂

However, there are other benefits and features of iOS 10 have not liked us so much ... Rather, we hate. And in this article I will talk about them.

1. Lock screen

Yes, it's great that the lock screen Apple has obtained an internal redesign and allow users to interact with more content from its interface. However, Apple now requires users to press the Home button to unlock the iPhone and / or iPad with Touch ID functionality. It has also removed the iconic "Slide to Unlock" (Slide to Unlock) function.

2. Remove native apps

Apple announced that iOS could eliminate 10 native applications developed by them. But ... we cheated. In fact, my not removed, but are hidden. Still they occupy storage space, and can not be replaced by other.

3. Control Center

It is true that the Control Center has received some minor visual enhancements, now has a "floating" look and new panels for HomeKit and Music, that's fine. But there are some elements that have not finished convince us ...

1. Why is so gigantic button Night Shift?

2. What good are the new colors of the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, buttons etc.?

3. Why the volume bar has been changed to a secondary panel?

So much for the things we hate about Apple iOS 10. If only change some of these features in future beta versions and final version, but overall despite these small details that polish the truth is that iOS 10 we liked, and much . Do you agree with some of our views? Share posting on your social networks!

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