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Monday, 25 July 2016

iOS 10 signal when the iPhone could be damaged by water

Just a few days ago that is available the second public beta of IOS 10 and still know some other novelty on the future version of Apple 's mobile operating system. Normally, when the company announces something new does not usually disclose all the details and days later they discover new things, as has happened in this case with iOS 10.

It has recently been discovered that iOS 10 will have a very interesting feature that will make the system to notify the user when it detects moisture in the Lightning port. This notice appear in a pop-up window on the screen and is quite similar to that appears when the device becomes too hot, recommending not to use it for a while until it cools.

In this case, when moisture is detected on the Lightning connector, the notice advise the user to disconnect and wait for it to dry, although there is a difference. And in this notice iOS 10 an option to ignore the warning after confirming that the failure to follow instructions can severely damage the iPhone water is also given.

The iPhone will warn you of possible water damage with IOS 10

Obviously, it would be best to ignore the warning, because if in the end the iPhone Apple almost certainly wash hands before any claim, even if the device is under warranty. And is that after all I've decided to spend completely a warning issued by the system, so it will be your responsibility.

For several months it has been rumored that the iPhone 7 could be the first model of Apple in having water resistance, and we must recognize that this new feature of iOS 10 again has caused alarm bells about this possibility. And, in a way, it shows how Apple has been gaining more ground concerns about possible damage caused by liquids on their devices, in this case the iPhone.

At the moment only aware of this new feature of iOS 10've discovered thanks to the guys iDropNews , but still have to wait a few weeks to find out for sure and see if the iPhone 7 is waterproof. What is certain is that if that is so, many users receive this feature with open arms.

What do you think this new feature discovered by iOS beta 10? Would not it be better to make a waterproof iPhone and dust? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

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