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Saturday, 16 July 2016

iOS 10: Top 5 Functions and Features

Last week Apple introduced the public beta version of iOS in October , the result of the many improvements and bug fixes from previous betas of mobile operating system ...

From CP, we have had the opportunity to download and install iOS in October , and we wanted to share with you, and the rest of our readers, functions, features, elements and features that have most liked IOS 10 with a slight touch of humor.

After finishing reading, we recommend you go to the comments section to share with us your favorite features and, why not? the changes that you have less liked IOS 10.

Ready? Hold on because ... let's begin!

Someone has passed the broom around here ...

One of the things that has fascinated us, above all else, is the cleanliness and clarity of many of the elements of the user interface. Both Notifications , such as widgets , emails, and even the Control Center , have significantly improved the visual aesthetics of its interface. Everything whitey, and all much cleaner! 🙂

Notifications, Widgets and millionaires links?

Speaking of Widgets and Notifications ... Did you know that in iOS Notification 10 are millionaires? In the WWDC Apple he introduced the Notifications enriched, and "Rich Links" for app messages iOS 10 . What are the "rich"? All. Now Notifications and Widgets offer much more content to users, and messages containing links with preview thumbnails. Until you can view videos with Rich Links! How much "wealth" and how much glamor in iOS ... 😮

After procrastination, the emojificación arrives

Apple wearing a delaying implementation of new interactions with your keyboard in time QuickType functionality. In other words, they procrastinaron keyboard bad way ... But now, with the emojificación, it is a blast to write a word and with one tap, becomes a emoji. Sew magic, hey! 😉

A locked iPhone is no longer so boring ...

IOS 10 lock screen has been renewed . When you slide your finger to the left you will find your favorite widgets, whereas if you slide to the right will access the camera. In addition (correct me if I'm wrong) now calls on the locked screen provide more interactions. Not to mention the new "Raise to Wake" ... Of course, Apple withdrew the iconic "Slide to Unlock" Screen Lock function and have to use the Touch ID by pressing the Home button ... Bad Apple, bad kitty! 😉

Goodbye anyone used applications!

Finally, we would like to highlight one of the great innovations most expected users, Apple is FINALLY lets you remove native iOS applications 10 . Aaaaleluya, alleluia, aleeeeluuuuuyaaaaaaaaa ...! 🙂

Your turn! What are your functions, performance and favorite features of iOS 10?

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