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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

IOS Beta 10 allows Reply messages with iPhone Locked

In the current Beta version, the iOS lock screen 10 has a small problem related to the Messages application.

It turns out that anyone can view and respond to messages from the lock screen, and without entering the security code or use the Touch ID function.

This bug iOS Beta 10 appears even if the "Reply with message" is disabled, and applied to other applications such as Twitter or WhatsApp.

Interestingly, sometimes the iPhone ask for the password, but in most cases, any user can access all our private conversations bypassing the device security processes.

So, if you've installed the iOS Beta 10 , we recommend to be very careful if someone can take a look at your iPhone while it is locked, even if you lose. If you want to try the bug, you can do a few simple steps:

  • Receive a message in the Messages app, or a text notification on the lock screen of iOS 10 without unlocking the iPhone accidentally or use the Touch ID.
  • Using 3D Touch function to activate the extended notification (or slide your finger and click on "View") using the Rapid Response function.

Write any message in the text field that appears. You're sending a Rapid Response from the lock screen.

 Mike Beasley @MikeBeas
uh so i think anyone can send a quick reply from the lock screen of a locked iphone even when “reply with message” is disabled in settings
19:38 - 12 jul 2016

Therefore, anyone can have a conversation multiple messages to any contact from the user interface notifications. Hopefully Apple resolved soon, in the next Beta version to be, this security issue iPhone.

That said, let us not forget that this is a Beta version of iOS 10 ie a version in beta testing so that everyone can report bugs and system stability issues.

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