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Friday, 8 July 2016

iOS10 Beta2 Could Have Security Issues

Some users have reported serious problems after downloading and installing the second beta of iOS 10 for developers . In his words, the bug will automatically close your account Apple ID displaying a message that says "for security reasons" and prevents them from restarting your passwords.

Beta 2 of iOS 10 release came with a lot of novelties : animations, new features, redesign of icons and other elements. But it could also hide a dangerous bug that allows third parties access to your Apple ID.

For now, Apple has not commented about it, but users on Reddit ensure that "all Apple devices which have logged asked to enter the password in Settings" immediately afterwards "your account has been blocked for security reasons" .

As well indicated from Cult of Mac , attempting to reset the password for your Apple ID, the page iForgot Apple showed errors on their servers, and messages indicating "Your request could not be completed at this time".

A bug in iOS 10 Beta 2 very serious, problematic and mysterious ... For now no one knows what has caused the closure of accounts, but many users of iOS 10 (which have the authentication two active steps) have experienced exactly the same problem upgrade to iOS 10 Beta 2.

But on the other hand, iOS 9.3.3 users have also had the same problem.

Unfortunately, Apple Support can not reset passwords manually, but users can request a password recovery from this page .

We do not know if some of the users belong to Spain, Mexico, Colombia and other Spanish - speaking countries, even if this problem affects or not only to users in the United States, but if you are thinking of installing the second beta version of IOS 10 we recommend think twice.

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