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Friday, 15 July 2016

iOS10 Could End Mobile Operators

As I've been counting, Apple does not like telephone companies. The company can not get rid of them because their phones need their phone to be operational lines so the symbiosis - although they hate - is necessary.

In its early years, Apple did not manufacture their own components but will charge other manufacturing companies, such as Samsung or Qualcomm. Until in 2010 they built their own processor, A4; three years later, they introduced the first 64-bit mobile processor, the A7 a product that led the technology of the time; while Qualcomm was launched to manufacture the first 64-bit processor for Android.

For Apple companies are a necessary evil

Apple has worked to reduce the participation of operators in the production process of the iPhone. Still, building its own infrastructure in each country does not get rid of them.

However, Apple has tried to get rid of the need for cooperation. Thanks to the proliferation of VoIP calls (Voice Over IP) in WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype and so on , Apple took the opportunity to introduce their own VoIP calls in FaceTime app. So that users can begin to "not dependent" companies.

What you are all iOS 10 in all this?

IOS 10 you will only seriously consider hiring a data rate, outpacing the minutes. Among the WiFi calls and services that offer VoIP call different companies you can easily replace the need to talk on the phone with others.

Moreover, with the possibility of making these calls from the iPhone dialer, which in Android still can not do itself. With Apple eSIM - with complaints from operators - and what iOS 10 offers for VoIP technology can be a push to change our relationship with operators. ¿Will Get iOS 10 be the beginning of the fall from power of the operators?

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