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Monday, 4 July 2016

iPhone iOS 1.0 to 10.0

The iOS operating system has come a long way since the date of the call in 2007. When Steve Jobs introduced the first generation iPhone, the most advanced entertainment function of the mobile platform was the ability to watch YouTube videos and play games on the web. At that time it was neither applications or multitasking or folders on the desktop.

In presenting jobs described the operating system of Apple smartphones, десктопной as modifying Mac OS X. In all the guides you passed as the iPhone OS (iOS name appeared only a couple of years later). Although the platform seemed innovation in those days, most modern functionality in it was not. The original operating system did not have access to shopping, the wallpaper and support third-party applications. In the house was only 16 icons Safari, iPod, Mail, Text, Camera, Photos, Notes, Calculator.

Looking back, it seems incredible, what path has traveled the iOS a simple operating system from an average of a dozen applications before advanced computer system, all functions to the end user not known regular. iOS 10, the latest version of the platform that Apple calls "the most advanced in the world's mobile operating system," to bring even more innovation, including the new design of the lock screen, updated point control and enforcement Posts standards, Apple Music, Maps, Apple News, the new client to control "smart" devices of the house of the home. In addition to iOS 10 open for developers of new job opportunities with Siri, Maps, Phone and Messaging.

Mobile devices with iOS 10 to receive the update in September this year, along with the exit to the sale of new smart phones iPhone preloaded with iOS 7 10.

Видеооблогер EverythingApplePro invited to immerse themselves in history and comparing the first version of the mobile operating system iPhone OS 1.0 with IOS 10.

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