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Sunday, 3 July 2016

iTransmission 5, download torrents from your iPhone or iPad (Cydia)

After a long time without news, iTransmission 5, a tool that enables downloading torrents directly from an iPhone or iPad, has just been released in Cydia with full support for iOS in September.

Before continuing, it is important to mention that not only mean piracy torrents how many people might think, since many companies use to offer free downloads of your files, such as Ubuntu.

As for the application itself, not only allows downloading torrents directly from our iOS devices without use of a computer, but offers the same features found in any version of desktop how uTorrent or the same Transmission.

It allows you to add any torrent file directly from Safari or manually from the application.
It allows you to check the speed of download and upload.
To limit the speed of download and upload.
It lets you check the number of users who are sharing the file.
Limit the number of connections.
It lets you choose a specific port.
In short, iTransmission 5 is submitted as a complete download manager torrent files, which along with iFile (also available in Cydia) not only allows you to play downloaded content, but we can easily copy it to your computer.

  • Name: iTransmission 5
  • Compatibility: iOS 9
  • Price: Free
  • Repository: BigBoss

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