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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Keep your conversations safe with the Best Messaging Apps

Privacy is something more important today and are increasingly users who opt for a service or the other depending on the encryption functions they offer. Today we show a compilation with the best instant messaging applications you can find for iOS.

Instant messaging applications are the order of the day and some consider that these apps are the real social networks. However, there are people who are concerned about the privacy of your messages, but there is nothing to fear because more and more applications that feature encryption to exchange messages and either private insurance.

Then we leave you with this short list of the top 7 IM applications to keep your private conversations and unless the boys have created PhoneArena . Let's go there!

Your conversations will remain private and secure with these apps!


While encryption protocol Skype is now owned by Microsoft, a group of engineers of Skype were expelled by the Redmond giant and have formed this new draft chat encryption known as Wire. This application has endless possibilities because absolutely encrypts all your chat messages, including video chat.


WhatsApp is the instant messaging service par excellence, the most widely used worldwide even though until recently security was not one of its strengths. However, it already has an encryption system for end to end message based on the protocol of open source signal.


How could it be otherwise, the native messaging service IOS could not miss in this list. For Apple the security and privacy of its users is very important, so iMessage has an encrypted end to end, that is, if Apple wanted could not access those messages.


Although not a service Viber is well known by many users, I must say that is also encrypted. It is a messaging service low cost platform that does not require a connection or cumbersome configuration.


The main competitor of WhatsApp has many features, including an encryption system that safeguards the conversations of its members since its inception. In fact, this was one of the reasons why many users decided at the time to side to WhatsApp to use Telegram, which supports two layers of secure encryption also does not support video chat group or integration with cloud storage.


Service Japanese IM has a system encryption end to end to keep safe the conversations of its users since last year. Line came into our lives as a service innovative messaging offered the basics and then some, but it seems it has not finished go very deep among users.

Facebook Messenger

Last but not least important, is Facebook Messenger. The application of social network messaging it has a secure encryption to keep your conversations and increasingly is gaining more users worldwide.

What is your favorite application messaging for you? Which do you tend to regularly communicate with your friends and family?

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