Known glass Gorilla Glass 5 mobile handset screens are not broken ground level. -


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Friday, 22 July 2016

Known glass Gorilla Glass 5 mobile handset screens are not broken ground level.

Gorilla Glass mirrors the familiar as well. For both the screen and the glass protector. Known for its hardness and fracture prevention. And today it reaches version 5 with strengths that. "If an area of ​​160 cm in height, with a high of 80% to be okay."

Gorilla Glass 5

Statistics on smart phones dropped the second of three to be at waist level or higher (scrub it rarely succumbed feet) and approximately 85% had done smart. Vodafone dropped over one year ago was somehow way. And, as noted, is More than half a centimeter height exceeding almost everything. If the screen is not broken, it is considered good luck.

Glass Gorilla Glass 5 This new version is a 80% chance to survive the height of fall ear level (160 centimeters), which originally had a thickness of 0.8 mm by now evolved to just 0.6 mm, with the development. 3D Touch and is available with either an Edge by several camps smart phones do adopt the iPhone 7 is rumored to use as well.

In the past, Apple also uses Gorilla Glass mirrors before turning Ion-X in the era of the iPhone. 6s (similar to Apple Watch cheap version) from the line at that.

Glass screen, the strongest ever used on a smartphone in the world.

The results of the test, and it was not true in all material loses only "paper" part of the glass Gorilla Glass 5 would have to look long and again that it is actually something that boast. Because the company itself also talk that focused on the testing of surface roughness and sharp objects.

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