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Monday, 4 July 2016

Lens Kit 4 in 1, the best addition to the mobile camera

Get the best performance for your camera phone with a simple and extremely useful accessory. This is a kit of photographic lenses, a pack of 4 lenses that are coupled to the mobile camera and allow improve photo quality. A perfect little added if we take full advantage of the already excellent chambers of the new smartphones.

If you are passionate about photography, these lenses for smartphones can be a good buy before going on vacation.

The kit photographic lens 4 in 1 is compatible with both the front and rear camera device, provided they are located no more than 2 cm from the edge. 4 lenses included are:

  • Polarizing lens: reduces glare from reflective surfaces and rich colors. 20 mm.
  • Macro lens: Enlarges images in short approaches. 5x-30x
  • Wide Angle Lens: increases the field of view. Ideal for chats with camera, panoramic scenes video conferencing. 120/28 mm.
  • Fisheye Lens: angle end provides a 180 ° viewing sphere effect. 180 ° FOV.

Kit 4 in 1 lenses that we offer from our store is the brand Muvit. It has a weight of 150 grams and are made of metal. Your clamping system is based clip and fit most phones and tablets on the market.

This week we have to offer in store for the Android Libre € 29.95, a very competitive price because it represents a discount of 40% on the official price. We believe it is a good accessory for mobile and those that ye always taking pictures of all kinds might encounter in this kit lens a good companion experiences.

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