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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

LG could be the supplier of OLED screens for the future iPhone

The LG Display division does not go through a good moment and to cushion the merme order by the Cupertino company will increase its investment producing OLED screens.

Because there is competition Chinese panel suppliers is enormous and especially that Apple no longer makes many orders of OLED panels to LG, the company will be forced to invest in the production of OLED screens.

Rivals are starting to advance the OLED market, he said Sang Beom Han, CEO of the company. He admitted that LG took in investing in OLED technology for small devices, but on the other hand, believes that OLED technology rebound in the coming years.

"It is true that arrived late in the OLED investment for small electronic devices compared to TVs," said CEO in LG event. "It is undeniable that the flexible OLEDs are now the mega trend in the mobile segment and we accept."

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They said that while OLEDs still represent less than 10 percent of the revenues of the division of LG Display, the company is considering gradually close production lines older LCD, something his rival, Samsung Display, is already making to switch to OLED technology.

It seems that Samsung is negotiating with the Cupertino company to establish itself as a leading supplier of OLED displays in 2017. This rumor comes in line with the rumors that have appeared around the iPhone 7 would include an OLED or AMOLED screen from end to end , covering the entire front of the device and including the same elements embedded as the start button and the front camera.

LG probably can not be part of the suppliers of OLED screens for iPhones in 2017, but might be able to join the supply chain by 2018.

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