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Thursday, 7 July 2016

MagSafe-adapter for iPhone and iPad is a bestseller in China [video]

The MagSafe thought well known for MacBook owners. It is magnetic interface, ie, if the user accidentally touches a wire or forget about it, taking a notebook in hand, cable отстегивается not causing mechanical damage. As reported by the Chinese of similar informal information resources for mobile devices Apple will enjoy demand in China.

One of the most popular is called adapters X-mini cable and is equipped with UBS Lightning and connectors. Works on the principle MagSafe connect held in place by a magnet, so if someone accidentally damaged cable iPhone and iPad, the cable simply отстегивается mobile device. Also, to put the device into the load, simply touch the wire connection smartphone or tablet.

The kit consists of two parts: Lightning-type plug playground, which is inserted into the slot on the iPhone, and the connector cable that connects to the USB power supply or computer input. These components are connected together by a magnetic field. To separate two parts, just a little effort.

The popularity of these accessories the user is easily explainable: the use of magnetic connectors increases the ease of use of the iPhone, as well as protection slot interface moisture penetration.

It is worth noting that a few years ago Apple has registered a patent on the "smart" MagSafe connectors for iOS devices. According to this document, the company wants to use magnetic universal connectors for power supply and data exchange on cell phones, iPods and tablets. However, the company has not released the brand MagSafe adapter for the iPhone.

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