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Saturday, 23 July 2016

MediaTek Helio X25 vs Snapdragon 820: Which is better processor?

The processor, muscle and brain of every modern electronic device. In the market there are hundreds of processors, each with its own characteristics and objective.

We processors for computers, mobile devices, tablets, computers and countless more devices. Even within each category there are numerous models year after year, more powerful and efficient. Today we talked about two of the processors star of the year, MediaTek Helio X25 and Snapdragon 820, protagonist of virtually almost all the high end. How the situation actually is?

MediaTek Helio X25 vs Snapdragon 820 Which is better?

If we leave aside Samsung and Huawei (manufacturers who create their own processors for themselves), the two largest manufacturers of processors that manufacturers can choose between are MediaTek and Qualcomm.

MediaTek is a manufacturer that is loved and hated equally by the community because despite integrated into devices with great value / price, often do not provide the support to long - term and has suffered repeatedly with problems as GPS. On the other hand we have Qualcomm, reputed manufacturer that has been with us since the beginning of Android, which despite its bumpy past, now is a good time. Then we put the star processors each company in a comparison in which we see what is best.

Not all cores and gigahertz is a processor

The processors are complicated to understand for anyone not in the scene, and that is because they include a large number of internal components, to the extent that mobile processors are started to be known as systems on a chip.

A fairly typical belief is that the more cores have a processor and these have a higher number of gigahertz better. Given this premise and could finish saying the comparative MediaTek Helio X25 is better. True?

For it is not. Each type of architecture has a different performance, and a processor with two powerful cores can be more powerful than one that has eight or ten, either because these nuclei are more potent or because the application does not use all cores (as habitually).

In addition to the CPU in mobile processors we have to consider several additional factors. For example, the size at which they are made will serve to reduce the heat consumption, while the speed of RAM helps multitasking as fast and effective as possible, or GPU, a processor dedicated to graphics applications such as video games.

Qualcomm processor has support higher resolution displays, faster LTE connection and even a GPS, pending subject of today MediaTek processors better. On paper, the Snapdragon 820 is superior in almost every aspect and our main winner.

However, remember that this is a comparison on paper, and that the Snapdragon 820 processor is better does not mean it always more worthwhile. Yes, the Snapdragon supports screens 4K, faster memory and better support LTE, but ultimately all these components have an additional cost that affect the final price of the phone, making processors like the Helio X25 can deliver great performance in a price range in which 820 devices with Snapdragon can hardly enter.

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