Micro Machines for iPhone and iPad comes to the App Store iOS

Chillingo has launched, finally, his new game on iOS mobile Micro Machines. Since CP we had enough time waiting, we were talking about Micro Machines in this collection of new games for iPhone and iPad , and finally, It has come to the App Store!

Micro Machines for iPhone and iPad is a racing game and action that lets users choose between 60 vehicles and compete against other players in different multiplayer online events.

Micro Machines includes three game modes in iOS: classic races, elimination races and battle mode.

Within each circuit, players have the ability to collect gifts in the form of weapons, bombs and other powerups to injure opponents or increase the speed of their own cars.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best releases of the App Store at the time. And guess what? It's free! Yes, yes, completely free, although of course offers in-app purchases for coins that will serve to improve the skills and components of your car.

Download Micro Machines for iPhone and iPad

Still you have not tried? It is highly recommended!
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