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Friday, 8 July 2016

Microsoft Announces New App for iPhone Thinga.Me

Microsoft has been secretly working on a new experimental project called Thinga.Me, an application that offers users a new way to capture and organize real - world objects through the iPhone.

At the moment, the application is in beta, although you can try if you register on the project website. According to Microsoft, the app will be launched in the coming months.

Thinga.Me iPhone automatically inserts objects photographs of eliminating the background users, and allowing organize and share.

Thinga.Me GrabCut code uses the Microsoft Research

In order to recognize and separate the objects of the photographs in the application, Microsoft used the code development "GrabCut" created by Microsoft Research.

"Our lives are full of physical objects that matter ... As a team, we felt frustrated to see that no decent tools to digitize these physical things in a way that makes them look great, and allow us to organize objects and share them with others people."

On the website of the project, the developers offer some examples of how the app can be used, including collections of real-world objects like LEGO toys, jewelry, tools ...

"Thing.Me is designed to solve this problem. The slogan of the app is "Collect things, not pictures." Use GrabCut, a code developed in Microsoft Research 10 years cuts made ​​objects in an image. This simple act of removing the background turns a simple photo into an object, even knowing that is a digital representation. "

Thinga.Me video

As mentioned above, all users who want to test the application may do so through the website Thinga.Me for thereupon register for the program closed beta version of the iPhone application.

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