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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Microsoft will introduce a paid subscription to Windows 10

Users of the latest test builds of Windows 10 Preview Insider found the file that contains the reference to a new form of distribution of the operating system. The possibility of free upgrade to Windows 10 ends on July 29 and there is the possibility that Microsoft offers users a paid subscription in the new operating system, as has been done with Office 365.

In the "System32" folder you found the file named of "UpgradeSubscription.exe". Judging by the information of its properties, it is a utility under the name Windows Upgrade to subscription, which can be loosely translated as "Windows Update for subscription" or "go to the subscription of Windows".

Rumors that Windows 10 within which runs from the monthly subscription, walk for a long time. There is the view that one year of free "tens" update - shrewd move by Microsoft, and after this time, all users will be forced to pay a monthly session.

Upgrade to Windows utility subscription can be the transition from Windows 10 to Windows 10 Pro Enterprise for licensees by volume. However, the appearance of a similar file directly points to the new functionality related to subscriptions.

It is not possible not about individual users, but small businesses who can not afford a full program of Volume Licensing Windows 10 Enterprise. In this case, in the near future Microsoft will present the possibility of subscription Enterprise version of Windows.

The introduction of subscription Windows 10 is quite risky step for Redmond. By signing the multiyear pact in the use of office applications, users and businesses know they can work with any device. Convincing subscribe to a harder operating system.

The subscription also repel users over time in favor of alternative proposals. If Microsoft will introduce безальтернативную subscription reflux for users of MacOS and Chrome OS will start and attract the attention of governments.

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