New Apple patent would allow a complex multi-axis Haptic Feedback -


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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

New Apple patent would allow a complex multi-axis Haptic Feedback

Yesterday a new Apple patent application was published in the Patent and Trademark United States. In it, a haptic feedback engine that would be able to vibrate in different directions, depending on the orientation of the device is shown.

As you can see, Apple not for a single second and still working on our technologies to improve their devices. This new patent would swell the long list of patents that the company Apple already has to his credit.

Here we have more details about this new patent because the information has been known thanks to the guys at AppleInsider . Let's go there!

The patent shows a multi-axis haptic feedback

In the patent description it is seen how the use of two haptic capable modules vibrate vertically and horizontally would need, respectively, as shown in documents published in the network. On the other hand, it is said that these two haptic modules would be linked to a central control processor.

Depending on requirements, these modules could change their roles depending on how a person uses your device. In addition, the patent states that this technology would be focused specifically for use on portable devices, suggesting the possibility that Apple inclusion in a future iPhone or Apple Watch.

Currently, the Apple Watch, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus use a version of Apple's "Taptic Motor" intended to provide different vibrations depending on the context. The smartwatch, for example, uses a gentle vibration for notifications to avoid being annoying to the user, but at the moment can not change the intensity depending on the orientation.

As always in these cases, it is now nothing more than a patent, but recognize that it would not hurt to see how Apple includes this technology in future generations of the iPhone or Watch.

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