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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

New Video iPhone 7 NO Jack EarPods

It is less for the launch of the iPhone 7! And as usual in recent years, the leaks do not stop operating on the network.

This time we bring you a video of a supposed new iPhone 4.7 inch 7 without jack for EarPods, with the new design of the antenna bands and a slightly larger camera.

The size of the aperture of the camera in the iPhone 7 is 25% larger than the iPhone 6s, as you can see in the video.

Earlier this week appeared on YouTube the first leaked video of the iPhone in July in which showed a smartphone without jack for EarPods, and this time is the same. Whether real or fake is this video, it's likely that Apple remove the jack for headphones, because where there's smoke ...

The 5.5 - inch model iPhone 7, which does not appear in the video, is expected to incorporate a dual camera with 12MP sensor.

Interestingly, finally, in this video do show the front of the iPhone 7. Although unfortunately we have not found anything new, or an integrated touch Home button or an OLED screen from edge to edge. We will continue waiting to see if Tim Cook is still reserved an ace up his sleeve ...

Is it true the iPhone 7 shown in the video? Do you think Apple needs to innovate in the design of its next-generation smartphone?

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