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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Niantic personal criticism by Pokémon GO and unsolved problems

At this point it is impossible to doubt the incredible success of Pokémon GO, a game that has even surpassed the expectations of Niantic and The Pokémon Company, creators of it.

Personally, and as a lover of Pokémon, I did not hesitate to create an Apple ID from New Zealand to download the same day it was published, and from then until today I've been running through my city in search of new Pokémon to add to my collection.

Well, during the early days the game had enough problems, it is impossible to access the server in the vast majority of occasions, something that due to the great success he was having the game understand how normal and accepted without any problem.

Even with connection problems, I decided to go out to walk my city in search of new Pokémon, using radar proximity offered by the game itself to find them more easily.

After more than a week playing and supporting the continuous and almost desperate problems connecting to the server, the game was officially released in the App Store in Spain, so I deleted my game and downloaded it again in order to update it at any time without no problem.

Well, the same day as the game appeared in Spain proximity radar stopped working, continuously showing three tracks Pokémon away and making it impossible to find unless by chance we are on their way.

After that, and as you will have done most of you, I have continued playing day after day thinking that the problem would be solved in a matter of hours to be something I personally consider quite serious and worsening lot of the gaming experience.

Well, nothing is further from reality, because instead of solving connection problems that the game is still suffering today (although to a lesser extent) and radar proximity, Niantic continues to release the game in new countries, leaving quite clear that the only thing that matters now is that the game is in much more places better as the way, the benefits will be even greater.

 Pokémon GO ✔ @PokemonGoApp
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15:19 - 16 jul 2016

To make matters worse, a couple of days Niantic launched a new game update, which to my surprise, does not solve any of the problems you have, but merely limited to fix some small problems text. Really, Niantic? Is it more important to solve a problem of text that we can all live well that the proximity radar?

To all this, writing these lines I remembered that Niantic announced and promised trade and fighting between players, something that obviously still get after almost 20 days since its launch, because the most important thing now is to solve a problem of text, right, Niantic?

In short, the game is a success and I am personally waiting for the temperature is not so high to go back to the street in search of new Pokémon, but that does not mean that I'm disappointing day after day with the attitude and sloppiness that is having Niantic during these first few weeks with each and every one of the millions of users who play day after day.

What do you think about that?

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