Nokia returns to the world of smartphones -


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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Nokia returns to the world of smartphones

Communications company and Finnish multinational technology information, Nokia back to life. Nokia has signed a strategic brand licensing and intellectual property to global HMD. This aims to create its next generation of smartphones and tablets brand Nokia Nokia to join the current market.


Nokia has announced plans to return to the market mobile phones and tablets globally. Relying on Android as the primary operating system, a story with which many dreamed and eventually will come true, good, half, because that return is not as many expect, as the company that will handle manufacturing is Foxconn through HMD company Global Oy, since Nokia will license its brand only after the agreements they made ​​with Microsoft.

The company, which was once the world 's largest manufacturer of mobile phones, sold its mobile phone business with the giant Microsoft technology in 2014. However, the Finnish company has a patent and began preparing a return to market through licensing brand and currently gets most of its revenue from other telecommunications equipment.


According to sources, HMD plans to invest $ 500 million over the next three years to develop and promote new products from the Finnish company. The funds apparently come from investors and profits come from business telephony newly acquired property. Although it has been made clear that the participation of Finnish and technology in new devices will be very short. But it will be part of the committee HMD and fix the mandatory requirements of brands and performance - related equipment.

HMD is a newly established company, controlled by Smart Connect. An investment fund managed by Jean-Francois Baril, former employee of Nokia. On the other hand. The company's communications and information technology multinational Finnish Nokia still did not give any details about releases of new handsets. Therefore, we do not yet know which version of Android will offer in its upcoming Nokia smartphones.


The image that has appeared today comes the site Russian VK , image of which details are unknown. No specifications and is not known whether only the physical aspect of Sharp AQUOS P1 or also its specifications would remain. What is a fact is that this terminal, which is not Nokia, could be the expected return of the Finnish company to the mobile market.

The mark may be used at the end of the third quarter of 2016. As we approach the date on which we are supposed to know the or devices that bring new glory to the Finnish company. Therefore it is very complicated at this point enters an entirely new device production. In addition to knowing the rate of leakage that exists in Foxconn. It is strange that so far we have not heard from the manufacture of upcoming Nokia smartphones.


Therefore it is possible that HMD, full responsibility for the Nokia brand, is considering a strategy that makes gain time and make sales later this year worldwide, for this reason it is possible that the Sharp AQUOS P1 the smartphone is chosen for the return of Nokia smartphones internationally, something that sounds logical and to be remembered that , those responsible for the AQUOS P1 are InFocus and Sharp, Foxconn current subsidiaries.

If we analyze everything seems to be connected and makes sense, but is not what fans expected of the brand. Although the AQUOS P1 is a smartphone with attractive features, many have high expectations of the return of Nokia smartphones to the mobile market. It is expected to build a new identity based on design and user experience, not that it's an adaptation that belongs to another company.

Now we just wait and see if this assumption Nokia P1, is the expected return of one of the most iconic brands in recent years.

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