Now with iOS 10 you can run 3D Touch gestures on iPad -


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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Now with iOS 10 you can run 3D Touch gestures on iPad

Now with iOS 10 you can run 3D Touch gestures on your iPad by Apple pencil, it features that users have been asking for some time.

Many people are disappointed that the latest iPads lack touch screens with 3D capability Touch. Well, apparently, now the second beta of iOS 10 beta includes 3D Touch functionality on the iPad through Apple capacitive stylus.

Using a pencil Apple, you can do things like clear all notifications with a deep pulsation in the latest beta of iOS 10. See the following video showing the function in action:

At the beginning of video you can see an option to delete all notifications panel making a deep tap the "X" of any notification notification center appears.

It is unclear whether this is a tactile feature that emulates the 3D Touch, or only involves making a long press that could be replicated with a finger. It is clear that the 3D touch on the iPhone 6s requires special hardware that involves a series of sensors pressure sensing located on the device screen, because of this, most likely the functionality that is included in the iPad emulates 3D Touch gestures.

For now Apple is among the first betas of iOS 10 before the release of the final version, which is expected to further improve the integration of capacitive stylus on the iPad.

It should be noted that if you press hard with a capacitive stylus Apple in any app icon on the Home screen or in notifications on the lock screen, currently can not run some action on iOS 10 beta 2.

Surely this feature will be very useful for some users, but it would be even better that the implemented without using a capacitive stylus.

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