Official: Verizon buy Yahoo for $ 4.83 billion -


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Monday, 25 July 2016

Official: Verizon buy Yahoo for $ 4.83 billion

Verizon completes acquisition of Yahoo by 4830 million dollars in cash. A far below the $ 40,000 that came close to paying Microsoft for Yahoo in 2008 amount.

This purchase makes the American operator in one of the largest Internet companies, only surpassed by Facebook or Google. A technology giant whose businesses exist on the network. Verizon already has services like AOL popular media including The Huffington Post, Engadget and TechCrunch.

With the acquisition of Yahoo and the immense sum in advertising and media structure. Ready to compete face to face against Facebook and Google in the world of Internet advertising.

The current valuation of Verizon exceeds 200,000 million, a huge amount and showing that this purchase does not involve a disproportionate investment for the group

This purchase does not include Yahoo Japan and participation in e - commerce giant Alibaba, a packet itself is only valued at 37,000 million. Verizon does manage the various applications of Yahoo and Tumblr and Flickr; two very popular services that have not evolved as expected.

The position of Marissa Mayer, Yahoo 's current CEO is determined. A pity that one of the most powerful women in Silicon Valley has been unable to raise such an important internet startup company. The little adaptation to changing times weighed.

What do you think this acquisition? Are we facing a new technological giant? What will be the next giant come unless it be purchased?

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