People spend more time with Pokemon Go in WhatsApp and Instagram -


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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

People spend more time with Pokemon Go in WhatsApp and Instagram

Since its launch last week, Pokemon Go has become a worldwide phenomenon. The players have put aside their comfortable chairs and sofa gamers to go outside to enjoy capturing Pokemon with augmented reality.

Pokemon Go, the new iPhone game, Nintendo has made ​​to reach 7.500 billion in its market price. In only two days!

The game Pokemon Go is available on iOS and Android, however, is available exclusively on the App Store New Zealand, Australia, the United States and Canada for a trial period as a pre-release.

Usage statistics Pokemon Go, WhatsApp Messenger, Snapchat and Instagram

The following infographic created by Statista and released by Forbes , you'll see how users of Android have preferred to spend more time playing Pokemon Go (and walking around the city) to spend the day chatting with their smartphones in WhatsApp, Snapchat, Messenger and other social networks.

As statistical data shows, users spend an average of 43 minutes (during last Friday) playing Pokemon Go, while WhatsApp were an average of 30 minutes.

Android users were using the Instagram application for an average of 25 minutes. In Snapchat 22 minutes, and Messenger 12 minutes.

inally, it is estimated that only in the United States, the game Pokemon Go has been through times 7 million and up to today. And the numbers keep growing!

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