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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Pixelmator for iOS includes Magnetic Selection Function

After his update on the Mac App Store, Pixelmator has released version 2.3 for iPhone and iPad. And it brings a great feature! Or should I say ... "magnetic"?

The new update in the App Store for iOS Pixelmator provides users with an intelligent Quick Selection tool and Magnetic other automatic tool selection, and both are very useful.

With these tools, users who have the app photo editing Pixelmator will be able to mark lines around any object in a photograph so that the app automatically select the edges of the object using its detection algorithms.

Select items from a picture has never been easier

The Quick Selection of Pixelmator update for iPhone and iPad will be very familiar to users of photo editing on Mac and PC. Just slide your finger over an approximate area to select existing objects.

Pixelmator uses different shades of color to automatically redefine the selection created by the user. These smart tools are especially useful for touch screens, where precision is less effective strokes.

Additionally, Pixelmator for iPad and iPhone has also incorporated all kinds of selection functions, including a function to invert the selection with Apple Pencil, plus the consequent stability improvements, and fixes common errors.

Download Pixelmator for iOS

You can get the application via App Store for € 4.99. It's one of the best photo editing apps for iPhone and iPad!

Finally, do not forget to visit our selection of photo editing apps on iOS , and remember to share with us your favorite apps for editing from the Comments.

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