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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Pokémon GO, DDOS attack?

A little over a week ago the gradual release of Pokémon GO a game that combines well with augmented reality virtual gameplay was made. The application developed by Niantic already been launched in Spain and in 26 other European countries, but despite this major release, Nintendo has had problems with the game servers. This suggests that Pokémon GO anda having major flaws in their servers because of the large number of simultaneous users who want to play, or perhaps a DDOS attack by a group of hackers?

GO Pokémon has attracted much attention among users as this seems to be the first game to implement augmented reality. Just a few days after its launch, the application developed by Niantic reached the top spot in the App Store and Play Store, generating millions of downloads and revenues of more than $ 1 million a day just taking into account users US who downloaded the app for iOS.

But obviously everything is not rosy, as the game goes experiencing technical failures on its servers. This is apparently due to Pokémon GO this weekend has been released massively over 20 European countries, causing an overload on their servers unable to handle the large number of requests simultaneously users who wanted to play in the application.

But on the other hand, failures in the auto servers awarded a group of hackers named "PoodleCorp". In one of the messages left on his profile Twitter , the hacker group clarified that this move is just the beginning, "It was just a test, let's do something on a bigger soon scale." For now, not She has had any news from Nintendo.

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