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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Pokémon Go find Pokémon With Poke Radar tool can immediately find

Pokémon Go now launched in many countries, there are many players in order to catch rare Pokémon went to the wilderness, unfortunately, also caused robbed or Yiwaishijian occur frequently heard, but you want to know want to crawl rare Pokémon will appear on the map area you? Maybe you can try to see Poke Radar subsidies tool that allows you to find immediately want to capture Pokémon.

Map shows the location of Pokémon

After opening Poke Radar tool, you will see which Pokémon will appear near the area, you can look through the two-finger zoom are present in that area.

Search Pokémon

Click on the upper left corner "Filter", you can find a way through the English name of the Pokémon you want to search, click on the upper right corner After selecting "Submit" (pictured right) can occur immediately which areas can be met.

Providing position return mechanism

Click the bottom right corner of the map after the blue circle, so that players can customize the current position which Pokémon will appear, which will lead to the return of chaos was happening.

Voted Accuracy

But never mind, it was chaos in return, we can only Pokémon click, then click "Aerodactyl" (right) points under the "Vote Down" to veto or point "Vote Up" to endorse this place really be, voting also can be determined by the accuracy of the method.


Name: Poke Radar
iOS requirement: iOS9.3 above Compatibility: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch


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