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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Pokemon Go for iPhone: How to Play on iOS

Pokemon Go arrived a few days ago to the App Store of New Zealand and Australia, and its pre-launch has been a success. So much so that even we have devised a tutorial to download Pokemon Go from any country .

However, since Pokemon Go there any guide explaining how to play new Nintendo game for iPhone. That is why in iPadizate have prepared a guide with tips, tricks and tips for Pokemon Go for iPhone.

We are not experts in the game, much less. That is, still continue to "evolve" with Pokemon Go, and updating the publication with new tricks. But as we continue capturing Pokemon on your iPhone, you can help leaving your questions, tips and secrets from the comments box at the bottom.

That said, let's begin!


After customizing your character, you can start the Pokemon adventure with your iPhone in the real world. Exploring is one of the most important things, grass areas on the map indicate that a Pokemon could be nearby, but the map can also find Gyms, Shops Pokemon, etc.

capturing Pokemon

As you encounter a Pokemon, if you click on the creature you will enter in the capture phase of Pokemon Go for iPhone. From here, the Pokemon will dance across the screen to get the difficult things, you have to try to slide your finger to it when the circle gets smaller.

Level up

Both the coach and the Pokemon may level up in Pokemon Go for iPhone. To level up your creatures you should give them items that you win by capturing Pokemon and evolve.


As mentioned, you will find gyms all over the map, but will be located in fairly remote areas of your neighborhood. In addition, there may be other players in the area willing to protect his title against other rivals.

To be continue…

As mentioned previously, we continue to update the guide with new tips, tricks and tips to help you capture all creatures and become a true master Pokemon with your iPhone. Do you have any doubt? The Pokemon Go CP community will help in the comments!

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