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Friday, 8 July 2016

Pokemon Go for iPhone: Tips for Beginners

Pokemon fans are in luck, because Nintendo has released Pokemon Go App Store in New Zealand and Australia.

However, users from other countries can also install Pokemon Go from any App Store in the world.

The game is very addictive, and uses augmented reality technology to allow players to find the pokemon anywhere in the city with its iPhone.

This guide will provide tips, tricks and tips for Pokemon Go:

How do I play Pokemon Go?

To collect, train and compete in Pokemon Go will have to walk with your iPhone, looking for what is the best option to catch your favorite pokemon. Your iPhone will send a notification and vibrates when a Pokemon is nearby.

In addition, Nintendo will launch an accessory shaped wristband in the future (which will cost about 35 €) and smartphones paired with players.

How to capture Pokemon?

Your first task will be to customize your coach, your avatar, gender, hairstyle, clothes ... Then when you meet your first Pokemon, you have to use the Pokeball sliding toward the creature.

Obviously, some Pokemon are more difficult to capture than others, green circle indicates that they are easy to catch, the orange circle means are of medium difficulty, and red circle means, of course, they are very difficult to catch, and do not plantarte interested with your iPhone standing for hours in the middle of the square of your people.


The game Pokemon Go for iPhone has several locations that players need to visit. The Pokemon stores, for example, where you have to buy Pokeballs, potions to cure, eggs, etc.

Pokemon gyms are also located in specific areas of the real world, and here you can meet other players to compete against their Pokemon, an ideal way to socialize with others who share your hobbies way.


To level up your Pokemon, you'll need to collect rare candy and fight other creatures around your city. Candies are obtained when complete tasks in Pokemon Go, raising capturing eggs or other wild Pokemon.

Your coach can also level up when you win battles Pokemon, Pokemon visits stores or use other objects to change the statistics of your creatures.

Do you have any advice more for other users? To what level has reached your favorite Pokemon? How many have managed to capture Pokemon already?

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