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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Pokémon GO: guide, tips and tricks

Pokémon GO, creating Niantic and GameFreak already been released in Google Play. Many are those who are already playing and capturing Pokemons are visiting pokeparadas or fighting in Fitness. There are even some very stuck in the paper Pokémons with very high levels.

But there will be those who have some doubts about Pokémon GO or have some tricks you do not know. So we're going to do a compilation with these tips and tricks to improve your experience as coaches.

Before you start: Basics and Tips

How to save data and battery with Pokémon GO

Like any game for mobile platforms, it has a consumption of more than a common application battery. So it's normal that if abused Pokémon GO, the battery down faster.

To save data we recommend:

  • Remove the WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity (although the latter has no effect on a lot)
  • Lower the screen brightness Mobile
  • Close other applications multitasking

What objects receipt to level up

For each level you go up will receive a series of objects in the form of reward. In this table you can see which objects are going to receive under the level at which you go up.

What are the PC

PCs are the Cpts in Spanish. This is an indicator of the level Pokémon. It also indicates the strength of your Pokémon, plus more PC, have more life points. So you'll have to hit more attacks to weaken the Pokémon gym.

What Pokémon can come out of an egg

Pokémon is impossible to know what will come out of some eggs but this table you can imagine what would come out as the distance have to go to open it.

What are polvoestelares

This object is achieved with each Pokémon us to transfer the teacher. The polvoestelares get them to capture a Pokémon. It is a generic object used to evolve or improve Pokémons. They are also achieved by fighting in gyms.

And the candy?

The candies are unique to each Pokémon. If you have changes, the candy will be the first. If capturing a Golbat, you Zubat candy. And to improve an Golbat Zubat you need candy. So do not miss all Zubat you encounter.

What does transfer a Pokémon?

The Pokémons can keep or transfer the Professor to give you a candy of its kind. Thus, you can upgrade later another that captures more CP.

Can I transfer Pokémon with others?

Currently this option is under development. Niantic, GO Pokémon developer told us that come in a future update.

Can I add others?

It is also in development and will come in future updates.

When will embedded chat?

It is unknown if it will integrated in the next update but the developer community chat has been to work and has created a floating application that brings one to Pokémon GO.

How often will catch can return to a Pokeparada

The Pokeparadas have a low recovery time. If you stay in one place for about 5 minutes, maybe up to twice the lame. If you give a ride with friends, sit and chat while the Pokeparadas Once you get.

What is a bait module

If you want to catch more Pokémon, you can attach a module in a Pokeparada bait. This you benefit all coaches passing by and will be visible to all. Such Pokeparada be surrounded by petals and certainly if you go, you meet people there as a group of people.

What is a incense

Incense module acts as a bait but just for you. You appear more Pokémons around you. If you combine it with a bait module you can get out very profitable.

Prestige of the gym, what is it?

A gym has more prestige the higher PC have Pokémon that are inside and fighting is taking place in it. And more prestige, more Pokémons of the same team can defend a gym. For example, a blue gym can have inside 3 pokémons you have to overcome in order to become that gym and have fun with your team.

Many Pokémon may be in a gym

A gym can have a number yet incalculable prestige as the level of Pokemons hosted or delivered fighting. But there will only be up to 6 Pokémons of the same team in that gym. So it will be much harder to unseat the team that gym because they will face 6 Pokemons.

Can I throw a certain number of objects?

Yes, resulting in the paper allows you to choose how many units want to pull that object. Very useful site to open the suitcase.

Enabling power saving mode

Pokémon GO includes a power saving mode that serves to carry in your pocket and continue counting your steps or vibrate when a Pokémon appears. You'll Settings, you activate it and you just have to put your smartphone upside down and the screen will fade to the maximum. You put it in your pocket and go.

Why I can not see augmented reality?

GO Pokémon depends on a gyroscope to position the Pokémon on your screen. So if you do not have this option it is that your device does not have gyroscope inside.

Will I lose my departure to delete the application and install the Google Play?

No, because your progress in Pokémon GO is associated with your account or Pokémon trainer of Google with you just logged the first time. Borras, install the new and in my case and I loaded everything as it was.

Can I create Pokeparadas or remove other?

If there are few Pokeparadas for your area and want some, just fill out this form with the information requested and valued Niantic putting a Pokeparada on that site. You can also ask the opposite, that the withdrawal should be a dangerous place or because it is a home.

Is it compatible with Android Nougat?

At launch it was not compatible with the beta Android N, now called Android Nougat, but now. Version 0.29.2 is compatible with Android Nougat. So if you bajasteis Marshmallow Android by GO Pokémon able to play, and you can return to Android Nougat.

Tips to be a better coach Pokémon

Using radar Pokémon

The Pokémon radar is what appears right below us. Here you can see the Pokémons around you and its distance from you. Three steps is far and one is nearby. No it is that you are in the area. To capture that you want to have to move so that down the steps.

How do I get better Pokeballs

In Pokémon GO Pokeballs there both as Superballs and Ultraballs. For best Pokéballs and slip away less Pokemons have to level up. As you increase your level best Pokéballs will appear.

How to get Pokémons debilitated or low health

After a bout Gym is quite possible that your Pokémon out weakened. Therefore, to restore your health we must make use of Revive and Potions. With these objects we can recover a weakened Pokémon altogether and restore lost life in combat respectively.

You can also revive a Pokémon with a candy of its kind and polvoestelares. Only revives and makes a living you get when you level up. If you are weakened and level up increases HP X points, the Pokémon will have X points to revive HP.

How to capture more effectively Pokémons

GO Pokémon has a capture mechanism Pokémons first somewhat confusing. To make an effective capture and the Pokémon have less chance of escape, we'll have to throw the pokeball when the circle is smaller shrinks.

Why the circle is green, yellow or red

This shows the difficulty of capturing Pokémon. One or more rare level will be more difficult to capture and therefore have to make better use of pokeball. It also influences the effectiveness with which the pokeball is released much.

How to get more PC Pokémons

Pokémon you appear low compared PC with your friends? Do not worry, level up and each time you appear higher Pokémon with a PC and therefore will have to improve or evolve them even more PC.

Raising eggs

In order to breed eggs have to make use of incubators. When you start coming with you can use countless times, then when you level up you get new ones can use a specific number of times. The eggs hatch at a distance, some are 2Km and 5Km other.

A touch of originality? Put motes

As happens in the series of games, we can put a moniker our Pokémon. It's funny in a gym a Golbat called "Eggplant". (So ​​I called mine)

There are changes that do not appear to me, why?

"I have a Golbat and leaves me Crobat evolve." This is because GO Pokémon has only the first 151 Pokemons and Crobat is the next generation. As Umbreon and Espeon, Eevee evolutions.

Tips to be a master Pokémon

Finding a particular Pokémon radar

If the silhouette of a Pokémon appears interests you, you can go in search of just that. Clicking on that Pokémon and will only appear below their tracks. You have to be careful because the radar will flash with a green outline. If that happens, you're going in the right direction. If not, you have to go by turning the phone until it blinks and you keep walking.

In my case I click on the compass to rotate and my character do with me. So when I still flashes the way I was looking at the character.

How to win more easily in gyms

In Pokémon GO there are also weaknesses as in games for consoles. A Fire-type Pokémon has an advantage over a steel type but is weak against an Earth. Here you have a table so you can see them all. Take advantage of these weaknesses to win a Pokémon Gym.

Upstairs is the type of attack and you do have to look horizontally type Pokémon gym. Example: If you have a Magmar, which is kind Fuego, it is advisable to make an Earth, rock or water.

If you do not want to be looking at a table in every gym that you enfrentéis, this application is a floating button that tells you the weaknesses of one particular Pokémon or type. You press, put the two types or choose the Pokémon and ready. You will get what is weak and who is strong.

How to gain more experience by trapping Pokémons

To gain more experience you just have to throw the ball or by turning effect before tossing, until they get a star. The pokeball will take effect and it is not easy to hit, but when you learn, is an increase of experience that is appreciated.

Transfer Pokémon, when to do

We suggest that at low levels, less than 10, you transfer almost every Pokémon you can because the gyms have high PC. So leveler with Pokeparadas or capturing much. Then when you have more level, Pidgeot (for example) appear you have a high PC and therefore enhancing them with the polvoestelares and candies that you can give an interesting gyms to compete directly push.

When improve and evolve when

It is advisable not improve or evolve Pokémon with low PC, because although it increases, will not reach the level of many Pokémon gym. We recommend expect to have a good Pokémon and you improve the most, evolve and improve again. So you can make the most of it.

Your coach level also determines how much you can improve a Pokémon. So if you can not improve further to a Pokémon, you level up you can.

Choosing the evolution of an Eevee

In Pokémon GO we not have the famous stones to evolve Pokémon. Therefore, many have pulled the hair to get a Jolteon, Vaporeon or Flareon. For it is as easy as changing the name of Eevee before I evolve. (Tested by ourselves)

  • Sparky - Jolteon
  • Rainer - Vaporeon
  • Pyro - Flareon

Now you're ready to be a master Pokémon

With these tips and you'll know everything there is to know to capture more Pokémon, which are stronger and level up faster. What are you waiting for go outside?

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Mobile game

GO Helper for Pokémon GO - Android Apps on Google Play

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