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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Pokémon Go Guide

Go Pokémon Internet has caught fire this couple of days and everyone went out of their home to find Pokémon in your town. Even in the places strangers . Already downloaded it? These tricks can help you not feel so lost while you play.

1. How to Play Pokémon Go And Tips


2. Change your Pokémon for sweets

If you have duplicate Pokémon can use it to strengthen your core team. Just choose the creature and press "Transfer." Professor Pokémon will take and give candies that species for changes to your other Pokémon.

3. Go for your free everyday objects

Click on the shield Store to receive daily bonus.

4. Master the Pokéball

Pay attention to the rings on your opponent. When the green ring is at its smallest point, throw your Pokéball and always will capture. Orange and red rings mean you need a little calm Pokémon using blackberries. You can also capture easier with Pokéballs or Great Master.

5. Dare to launch Curveball

If you want a bigger challenge, you can try throwing a curveball. Keep your finger on the Pokéball and make a circular motion until it shines. Practice for a while (but beware your Pokéballs finish you) and if you hit and combine with Lucky Egg, your experience will increase much faster.

6. Do not sleep

The game does not work if your mobile is "asleep" or application is inactive. The app needs to know where you are at every moment, so if you close it you have to start again. That will kill your battery, so you can activate the battery saving mode.

7. What does the battery saving mode?

Go Pokémon need much power of your phone so the battery can run out very quickly. Saving battery mode allows you to have the game works off while the screen. You wear hearing aids and your phone will vibrate when a wild Pokémon or sound when you approach a PokéStop.

8. Evolve and restores health

If one of your favorite Pokémon has been completely unconscious after a battle, do evolve will return with all his restored health. If you have enough candy to do, you do not need to use your potions.

9. Do you need to move both

Yes, the idea is that Pokémon Go "GO!" (Ie, not move). But hey, you do not always have to. Just walk a little, about 100 meters and wait for the game to load. You'll start to notice that random Pokémon appear.

10. Put them name

Something simple but maybe you had happened. You can name your Pokémon as you like. Yes, whatever you want.

11. Master the PokéStops

When you approach a PokéStop, it will change shape. For objects from it you must press to zoom and then slide your finger quickly over the image. You can get more items after five minutes (more or less) as many times as you want.

12. Search the lawn

You do not know where to start? Pay attention to the animations of green areas, lawn moving. There you will find a lot of ground type Pokémon and duplicates that you can take to Professor Willow.

13. Take advantage of your special attacks

It may be that you are doing so pieces in the battle, especially if you're just starting ... do not stress! Anything that happens to your Pokémon is contributing to meter special attacks. Check it before each battle, perhaps one of your creatures is ready to make a super attack and did you realize.

14. Recover your data

Nintendo servers are trying to handle the large number of teachers Pokémon, but we must be patient. No wonder that the application fails and that progress seems lost. Chances are that actually only then can not connect to the server for the data to appear. A quick trick to remedy that is to close the application completely and reopen it .

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