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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Pokemon GO is a success for Nintendo: its shares soar in stock market

What a fever of hunting Pokémon at hand: there is hardly anyone who has not heard of these friendly beings and finally is official (more or less) the last game of the series and only one that can be hunted Pokémon out to the street and with the help of mobile. You might think that we can say the game that has not already been said, but you're wrong: a Pokémon GO today still has a lot left.

That the game would bring success to Nintendo, the distributor of the series, he was beyond doubt: after the reluctance of the company to publish in the mobile field, and with a Miitomo who gave a lot to talk despite the uniqueness of the approach, it was clear that the mixture of augmented reality with the Pokémon fever would be as effective as recharge the phone with a download Pikachu. Success comes as Nintendo: its shares in Japan's stock market rose after the release of Pokémon GO.

Nintendo stock market rebounded after months of steady declines

You can not say that Nintendo is the company that saw the Super Nintendo or the Wii despite further develop great games and platforms, it has been relegated to third place because of its bad bets on the home console. Reluctant to launch their franchises in mobile format, and with a shareholders asking just the opposite, it was expected raring sounded the first title for smartphones. It is clear that success has been twofold.

On the one hand, players who have tried Pokémon GO match half that the game offers the expected fun; and on the other, the shareholders agree that the title falls short of expectations. This resulted in a rise of almost 10% on the Tokyo Stock Exchange after opening it today July 8; staying after closing at 8.94%.

The peculiar thing is that even GO Pokémon was launched in Japan. Only three countries have it officially: United States, New Zealand and Australia; with other countries, including Spain, in the waiting list without knowing well when land on the respective app stores. We know that the APK circulates freely with version 0.29 of the game, something that could overload the servers that currently are saturated with the influx of users.

The benefit in app purchases will be historic Pokémon GO once officially out

Nintendo, The Pokémon Company, Niantic and all shareholders are rubbing their hands: the barrage of benefits that will leave Pokémon GO (and leaves) will be cracking. Just consider the number of users who play today, the huge demand expected its output and all users of smartphones that will end up adding to the snowball effect. Nintendo, you were late, but fine.

If you want to know how Pokémon GO, how to play and what was my experience in the first game, just enter the specific article: Pokémon hunt is in your hand. And on your mobile ..

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