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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Pokémon GO: Items List Objects and Collectibles

If you're running around without stopping by your city playing Pokémon Go in search of items and useful items, you should take a good look at this guide.

Each time you level, Pokemon Go for iPhone will reward you with a good amount of collectibles and items, and they are getting better.

You can also unlock items with Pokemonedas, we tell you this and other tips on Pokémon unlocks Go in this comprehensive guide.

Become a master Pokémon!

Go Pokémon items

Pokeballs: The Pokeballs are objects that you use to hunt wild Pokémon, the more captures, more levels will go up, and will achieve more Pokémon evolve. The Pokeballs found in Pokeparadas and the Pokemon Stores.

Superballs: The next category of Pokeballs, the superballs offer a better range of hunting Pokémon, so if you're in front of a rare Pokémon, or very strong, use one of these superballs.

Ultraballs: The Ultraballs are even better than the Superballs, and can also be found in Pokémon Shops, provided you have managed to unlock them .

Masterballs: The Masterball, also known as "hunting-Mewtwos" as counted in AndroidCentral , is the most effective Pokeball of all, are available in the beta Pokemon Go, but have not yet appeared in the final version. They have a range of guaranteed hunting, but only get one, so use it with caution.

Frankincense: An aromatic item that attracts Pokémon to your area for 30 minutes. The incense can be purchased at the store, and the Pokeparadas, but also received as reward when you level. In addition, incense also help other players near you.

Baya Frambu: If you feed a Pokémon with a Pokémon Raspberry berry Go for iPhone, will be much easier to capture. They found in Pokeparadas from Level 8.

Incubator: The incubator eggs serves to keep in good condition Pokémon eggs you get are in the stores for three uses and if you spend more Pokemonedas, for infinite uses.

Potion, Superpoción and Hiperpoción: Potions allow you to heal your Pokemon's health, a basic potion heals 20 HP, while a healthy Superpoción 50 HP, 200 HP and Hiperpoción. You can find them when you level up and the Pokeparadas.

Max Revive: This item will help revive your Pokémon and restore your life.

Backpack: The backpack you can save all Pokemon items. At first you can save 350 objects, and if the upgrade in the store, will increase its capacity up to 50 items more each time.

Lucky Eggs: These eggs do not contain Pokémon, however, will give you items. you also double your experience will allow for 30 minutes, so use them with his head.

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