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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Pokemon Go Launches in Italy, Spain and Portugal

After being launched in the United Kingdom and Germany earlier, Pokémon Go has now been rolled out in more European countries like Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

Thanks to the unprecedented popularity, the augmented reality game has continued to mesmerize gaming aficionados. No wonder it’s been topping the App Store charts worldwide.
Pokemon Go Launches in Italy, Spain and Portugal
The augmented-reality geocaching nature of the game has caused a lot of controversies as well. According to Chinese social media, the game has been developed to reveal the hidden Chinese military bases.
“The theory is that if Nintendo places rare Pokémon in areas where they see players aren’t going, and nobody attempts to capture the creature, it can be deduced that the location has restricted access and could be a military zone.
“Then, when war breaks out, Japan and the U.S. can easily target their guided missiles, and China will have been destroyed by the invasion of a Japanese-American game.” A social media post circulated on Weibo said.”
By spreading Pokémon’s across the map, developers will be able to find out where Pokémon’s have not been caught; thereby revealing the hidden areas. Though government officials are yet to respond to this obscure conspiracy theory.
The game is yet to launch in China. Pokémon Go’s mapping system is driven by Google which Chinese services have been blocked by the Great Firewall. Hence, there is doubt if it could ever be released in the world’s largest smartphone market.
Even if the game hasn’t yet been launched in your country, you can install it on your iPhone/iPad. Though it is absolutely fantastic and will make you quite addictive, it can drain your iPhone battery too fast. That apart, server error, random crashing are some of the other problems you will have to deal with.
While playing the game, you have to be a bit smart in catching the Pokémon as you have to use Incense to lure it.

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