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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Pokémon GO no doubt punish cheaters

Pokémon GO perfectly represents technology, in this case augmented reality. Which consists deploy virtual elements within the physical world seen through a screen. this technology has cross over from being a niche or toy for a few technologists, to be something much bigger.

In this case, players walk the streets of their city helped a virtual map. The objective is to find more cameras to capture Pokémon. The idea is not new. There are several companies that offer technology to the professional sectors and Google tried to popularize this technology with Glass, eccentric glasses were forgotten.


It is emplaced new game for smartphones virtual items within the physical world seen through a screen. Something that is not new and is called augmented reality.

However, Pokémon GO again demonstrates that technology is just massively adopted when it loses its complexity. When it applied to something that people want, beyond specifications or stunning graphics. It was enough a good idea and a popular franchise to achieve it. It is spearheading the technology needed. Moreover, other companies like Facebook want to make one of their main sources of income in the next decade.


Nintendo begins to punish cheaters will first detected.

You access the GPS to uncertain whereabouts is punishable by hours of inactivity in the game. Go Pokémon has begun to punish their first cheaters with progressive penalties.

Reddit users have found that Pokémon Go traps are paid. Phones with unlicensed software are allowing some players to access pokeparadas and places that are not so difficult Pokemon hunt to find. And thus access different prizes and bonuses that are not theirs.

Once the cheat has been detected by the system Niantic, the penalty prohibits the player can catch a new Pokemon, access pokeparadas prizes or battles gym for an hour. Obviously, the punishment increases the time of suspension if the trapping process is repeated over and over again.

It seems that Nintendo has attempted to monitor all possible pitfalls of users in the game. Cars and motorcycles are not allowed in Pokémon Go. The game thanks to the GPS detects the speed at which your device is moving and automatically blocks the progress of incubators if the speed exceeds 20 kilometers per hour. The application has officially come to Germany; the rest of Europe expects the game soon, though most are playing by an unofficial apk currently be downloaded from several pages fans of the franchise.

There are numerous ways to access Pokémon Go in a completely legal. And although worth waiting for the premiere to avoid problems with the device, many are too impatient. It is not yet known consequences at the level of penalty may be that later.

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