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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Polaroid Swing Upgrade to Renovate Live Photos

With tantísima number of applications in the App Store is becoming increasingly difficult to innovate, however boys Polaroid seems to have succeeded. They Swing Polaroid recently launched a new application to take pictures in motion that has just received an update to give a twist to the familiar Apple Live Photos.

Photography applications are very popular among mobile users, and that the smartphone has become for many in your compact camera carrying everywhere. It is therefore not surprising that this new proposal Polaroid will have a good number of followers.

The Live Photos came into our lives through the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, some photographs that capture a few seconds to give life to the shot. Well, now with Polaroid photographs Swing this kind of goes a step further, as you can see below.

Gives movement to your images with Polaroid Swing

Polaroid Swing is a new application newcomer to the App Store to capture moving pictures. To do this, when you make a picture through the application, this captures a total of 60 images in just a second!

Once you are taken the image you can give it life very easily, so you just have to tilt your phone to the right to see how it progresses or left to back out . As simple as that! On the other hand, Polaroid Swing has an option to auto-capture 3D photos, simply rotate the phone around you to get it.

How could it be otherwise Polaroid Swing has a series of filters to give a different touch your moving images. Finally, say that also serves as a social network, allowing you to share your photos captured with the application and discover others created by users.

Download Polaroid Swing on your iPhone

The new Polaroid photo application Swing is available on the App Store for free. Of course, to enjoy it you need to have iOS 9 or a later version of the system.

Polaroid Swing is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, although it is not optimized for the tablet. Let's create moving pictures non-stop!

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