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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Published photograph iPhone 7 Plus

It is just a few months before the release of iPhone 7 rumors and reports about the appearance and components that integrate the new Apple smartphone abound more than ever. In this case, there has emerged a new photo of the iPhone 7 Plus showing more detailed form the back of the device, emphasizing its dual camera module lens.

Would it be a mockup of a Chinese clone or will be the real iPhone 7 Plus ?.

Earlier this week, we found it easy to get iPhone clones 7 manufactured in China for only $ 150. That's why you probably should not be assumed that all photos "leaked" that arise in social networks like Weibo are genuine.

Given this detail when looking at photos of a supposed iPhone 7 Plus does not mean that the image is not worthy of Apple's own design. This photograph shows the top rear of the mobile gives us our first glimpse of "quality" module dual lens camera, detail that everyone looks forward to be included in the smartphone, but probably will not be something like exposing the image.

As we have seen in previous images, the aluminum unibody iPhone Apple's next generation is formed to wrap around the lens of the camera, allowing end this metal ring around the camera on existing models of Apple.

The camera you see in the picture has a metal ring, although it seems to be of very low quality. It also has bevelled edges bright, Apple has avoided in recent years (made with a matte finish for the iPhone SE) because they scratch easily.

While the iPhone Plus 7 Real will probably be very similar to this, the camera is expected to have a better aesthetic appearance.

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