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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Pushbullet a Universal Clipboard for all your devices

Would you like to always have all your stuff on any device, whether iOS, Android or PC? Today this is possible thanks to an application called Pushbullet, which serves as the clipboard and can get you out of more than a pinch.

Some time ago I know Pushbullet and have to say that since not lacking in any of my devices. Moreover, not only serves to gain access to a particular file, link or photo that you send to yourself, you can also share it with your friends.

Pushbullet lets you copy and paste text and links very easily and quickly. There are many ways to share a clipboard on different operating systems, but Pushbullet stands above the rest as one of the simplest methods and is also free.

Pushbullet, clipboard application you were looking for

To use Pushbullet you must sign either through your Google account or your Facebook account. Once logged in with the same account on all your devices you can start using this app as clipboard, so that you can access the text or paste links from any of them in seconds.

As mentioned above, Pushbullet us only serves to share text, links and images yourself on your different devices, you can also share it with a friend. You can connect with your friends very easily, simply add them to your list of friends then choose who you want to share something.

On the other hand, I must say that Pushbullet is also available for the computer in two different ways. One is as an extension of browser (Chrome, Firefox and Opera) or as a standalone application. If you choose this second option you should go to the website Pushbullet and download the application for free.

Finally, from PhoneArena comment that Pushbullet also has a PRO version that offers that feature instant clipboard, for a subscription of $ 4.99 per month or $ 39.99 a year. Yes, I must say that if you do not want to pay, the free version of Pushbullet is the most complete and gives you whatever you need.

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