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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Reasons why you'll buy the iPhone 7

Many people claim that the new iPhone will be a chestnut phone, which does not innovate enough to call it "new iPhone" but sometimes the desire to acquire a new 'toy' Apple are greater than the own criticisms and skepticism of many . I'll buy the new iPhone 7 and I'll tell you my reasons.

It is normal that people are reluctant to buy the iPhone 7 ads that dictate: "I disappointed the new Apple iPhone 7". There are many bloggers who have claimed that the new flagship will be a transition to another terminal where they are putting all their efforts to break the market. However, I can not wait any longer and I'll buy the next phone from Cupertino. Whether or not black the new color available .

Do not touch my Clunkers

Modern psychology says that toys are not just for fun. Children play with them for good reason. Toys are an educational experience in smaller, because the child's mind prepare for the world that awaits them. Therefore, a toy is a good element that growth should be part of every human being.

Adt toys with this process of learning and development to another level. Skis, cars, motorbikes, 4K televisions, tennis rackets ... are toys. Lead to hone the skills of human nature and life itself. The positive notion of 'creative games' applies to both children and adults.

There is a technique used by the managers of technological innovation to see that something is nicer than it looks. For example, say that an iMac is a toy, not a tool. With this we will be distracting the employee of an office that uses a numbing iMac working hours and their productivity would increase thus making him see that he is playing or tinkering, as we like to say.

Experience with an iPhone 7

When the network read that the iPhone 7 will be boring, we are saying that we should tighten our belts again. They say they will not have Jack 3.5mm connector , there will be significant progress in its design, the basic version is 32GB , which will have an OLED screen that is so demanding, you will not have wireless charging , etc. Normal hold that many people with their iPhone 6s to 8 or 10.

It 's depressing how many of the pro-Apple websites aimed at drawing attention with sensational headlines with visitors and followers to get biting the hand that feeds them. I'll buy an iPhone in July because I want to continue on the crest of the wave of technology, on the road to innovation, I want my adult toy satisfies me, I enriched, I educe again and would assist in any way possible.

I am also concerned

There are plenty of things to worry about in the world. I will not even try to list them. But I know the new iPhone 7 will move us forward in a very personal way. Apple understands that he is doing a good job, and that users are happy with their phone. The good development of all leading California - based links millions of people.

When the iPhone 7 is submitted and it goes on sale, it will surely be better than the iPhone 6s in several respects, although now only see the characteristics that are not going to come with him. I should not say that one should go like a lamb to buy the iPhone 7 to the end of the year, but let us not be fooled by headlines out or on the network. Personal and family life comes first, if you can not afford to pay for a phone that round high prices, do not do it and wait, or finance it would be a good choice.

In short, we do not know with certainty all the details of the new iPhone in July. There could be surprises, or can even be greater disappointment than we expect now. What I'll do is ignore all those voices and texts of the critics, who will come from Android or Windows Phone picture mostly, and believe that Apple will get up seat later this year when submitting their ship battle the keynote. Sometimes a small step is a breakthrough.

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