Running Pokémon GO on jailbroken devices

After installing Pokémon GO I took the unpleasant surprise that the game does not work on jailbroken devices, a move by Nintendo of course do not agree at all.

Well, after checking what happened, I began to search for information on Reddit until finally a user came up with the solution.

Basically, to run Pokémon GO on jailbroken devices must install "PokePatch", a small patch that is available in Cydia whose function is to make the game believe that our terminal has not been modified.

Once installed, the game will work without any problem, but yes, we must take into account that the servers are pretty saturated, so it would not be surprising that it is not possible to play for a few hours.

In short, I do not know exactly why Nintendo has decided to block the game on jailbroken devices, although it is probably related to in-app purchases because using some other Cydia tweak would be possible to achieve the objects Store without paying a single penny.

  • Name: PokePatch
  • Compatibility: iOS 8 and iOS 9
  • Price: Free
  • Repository:
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  1. Amazing there is a cydia app that can help me run Pokemon, Thanks to the creator of Poke Patch for amazing tweak.