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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Samsung Galaxy S8, news and release date

It is not the first time rumors about the new Samsung Galaxy S8 are heard. But recently it has been revealed that the Samsung Galaxy device which receives S8 is the codename for Samsung and is called internally within the company as "Dream Project". As well as once again it rumored to have a screen VR-Ready 4K. And a dual camera lens.


This is not the first time we hear rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S8. Although it is still early, last month we saw the news that already was speculation about a successor to the Galaxy S7. And this could be the first smartphone from the company to bring a screen with a resolution 4K. Not only that, but also would be the first to debut a new Samsung camera with double set of lenses.

Samsung Galaxy S7 received the codename "Project Lucky 'early in the second half of last year. Almost at the same time the development of the device was started. With this in mind, it seems that Samsung has already begun work on its next flagship smartphone: Samsung Galaxy S8. Even when the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has not yet been made official.

According to sources, it seems that we will not see a radical change in the design. No need to look a little more and realize that the Samsung Galaxy S7 was practically an upgraded version of Samsung Galaxy S6. And the same seems to happen with the Samsung Galaxy S8.


As has been counting, we understand that the new Galaxy will use the S8 developments Snapdragon 820 and Exynos 8890. Possibly the Snapdragon 830 and Exynos 9000 (the second name there is far less security). These next-generation chipset will not only be more powerful. But also they bring more efficient components, which enhance the life of the battery. The GPU or integrated graphics cards will also be updated, allowing more advanced features graphics processing.

In addition to bringing a 4K screen and dual camera. It is said that the chipset to be incorporated into the device is manufactured exclusively in 10nm by Samsung itself. Which should help to reduce energy consumption. As well as to the balance with the increase of the pixels on the screen.

It was expected that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 out the first smartphone company with 6GB of RAM. But gradually it seems that this increase in the amount of memory used only for the Galaxy S8. However, it is too early to take seriously any information revealed about the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S7. We must wait to hear more truthful information from more reliable sources. And not only information leaks that run over the network.


Samsung fans all know that the Korean company likes to throw their smartphones prior to Mobile World Congress. Which it takes place between the months of February and March. So in principle there is no reason to believe that the date be modified. So the release date of Samsung Galaxy S8 will take place during the MWC 2017. And the phone will be released in priority markets during the month of April 2017.


most delicate aspect of any mobile ... its price. As for the price of Samsung Galaxy S8 we are not yet known, but we do not expect will lose 700 euros. If we take into account the initial price which went on sale earlier models.

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  1. Samsung surely stands tall in competition while it comes to screens and innovation. The field that Samsung Galaxy S8 should improve is its battery as Samsung smartphones lacks in it. Thanks for providing the Galaxy S8 Release Date.


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