Samsung has demonstrated the potential of their folding smartphone -


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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Samsung has demonstrated the potential of their folding smartphone

Since early next year, Samsung could present two smartphones with screens are formed. And until that happens, the Korean automaker is actively preparing the way for new gadgets. This week, the company has submitted an application for a new patent in which the characteristics of the gadgets with flexible displays are described.

Samsung plans to use flexible displays on smartphones, which can form in horizontal and vertical, minimize and even stretching. The latter patent application are based some of the features of these devices.

In particular, Samsung have paid more attention to the corners of the screen such and give the possibility to disable the touch control edges in free mode and the release of certain features like the media player in the closed state. And all this depending on which side of the unit is. It is also the opportunity for quick start of applications, users can click the application icon on the edge of the screen when a smartphone is opened, and when opened, the application and have time to start.

Another idea of ​​Samsung is not to click on the buttons in a certain direction and swipe your finger across the ends when the gadget opens. For example, a finger up and the other down. O with the two fingers to perform in one direction - up or at the bottom. In each of these actions Samsung offers assign different applications: domestic, camera, the application menu.

In addition, the company has developed the concept of "floating point the preview pane," which "reaffirms" the image of the screen when the user provides a smartphone slightly, focusing in the right direction. To this it allows you to see the desired image or without opening the device widget.

The Samsung patent application was filed in November 2015. In April this year The South Korean Electronic Times reported that the first flexible device, the company plans to launch sales in 2017. In June, Bloomberg has counted about supplier plans to introduce early next year two models of smartphones with flexible displays.

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