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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Samsung makes Anything to be above Apple

Samsung has released a video in which tests different high - end models of the biggest brands in the current technological landscape. As expected this video has brought nothing but controversy and doubts. Who trust the test by a brand whose smartphones are in the test itself?

Despite all the doubts that could cause us such videos, Samsung has been commissioned to "prove" the reliability of the test with another video documentary where the preparation is the main test.

Has Samsung cheated?

In the test, as expected, the clear winner is the Samsung Galaxy S7. But what the conditions of this test are valid? Each software has its own power saving mode and this test has not been disabled. As we see in the video, it is obvious that energy saving systems of the Samsung Galaxy S7 decrease much more the brightness of the device, so you can go longer in that mode consuming less battery.

Where is the iPhone 6s Plus?

If we can see the two models of Samsung Galaxy S7, because they are not the iPhone ... it is that the iPhone 6s Plus Samsung could win? Samsung is feared that Apple will win and have decided to opt for the iPhone that has less battery ... walk, walk ...

One thing that have done well

Samsung has been responsible for accurately measuring the brightness sensor that captures each device, to prevent this from interfering with the result. In other tests, directly they choose to do it in a dark place to avoid such problems.

These measurements made ​​in the "documentary" are those relating to measure the brightness that captures the smartphone.

Samsung Battery Test 2016

We leave the link to two videos of the company, so you can see how the iPhone 6s Plus is not present.

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