Samsung will sell up to 560 million pieces AMOLED screen in 2019 -


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Monday, 4 July 2016

Samsung will sell up to 560 million pieces AMOLED screen in 2019

Apple is known to be popular, "outsourcing" more parts made ​​from small to large. Apple has manufacturing large enterprises that employ hired by Foxconn also manufactures screen Samsung chip includes (in part) with the camera lens of Sony is known virtually nothing to do both things.

The report is likely to conclude that the iPhone 7 will surely switched to the AMOLED screen certainly increase the total supply to 560 million pieces in 2019 and grew 114% from 2015, according to data from Digitimes Research.

Most customers who order AMOLED screen from Samsung itself is plant growth from 239 million units to 290 million units a year. 2019 In addition, Apple switched to a screen like this one in 2017, the total supply of 40 million units in 2017, followed by 80 million in 2018 and 120 million in 2019, according to an ongoing contract three years at the factory. have made ​​to Apple (40 million pieces per year).

Not only brand manufacturers, many Chinese, including Vivo, Oppo, GiONEE, Huawei and Lenovo have their own plans, decided to use AMOLED screen as the total shipments, up from 99 million pieces in 2016 to be. 150 million pieces in 2019

Not only is Samsung the manufacturer of AMOLED screen, but competitors like Japan Display, Sharp and factories in China and Taiwan. You are entering a process of installing the production line as well. During the year 2019-2020 is expected that Samsung may face problems due to the fierce competition that Samsung is not just a factory that Apple chose to order parts.

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