Samsung would be the main provider for the iPhone AMOLED 2017 -


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Friday, 1 July 2016

Samsung would be the main provider for the iPhone AMOLED 2017

It seems that large providers share AMOLED production for future components to be included in the 2017 iPhone.

Samsung is the world's largest producer of AMOLED panels, so it is very likely to be one of the leading suppliers of screens the same technology to the smartphone next year. When you include this type of screen on the iPhone, this technology will lead to more defined colors, deeper blacks, higher brightness, high visibility in direct sunlight and lower power consumption.

Apple is expected to initially adopt the AMOLED technology in iPhones 2017, with the approximate inclusion of this type of screen 40 million units in 2017, 80 million in 2018 and 120 million units in 2019.

It is expected that Samsung, the largest supplier of AMOLED displays, able to maintain its leadership as a provider of the same technology in the coming years. The South Korean company uses AMOLED panels on their flagship devices like the Galaxy series of smartphones S.

Rumors about the Cupertino company has the plan to change LCD screens with IPS technology by others with AMOLED technology, the tenth anniversary of the iPhone is due in 2017. In addition, several Chinese phone manufacturers have implemented or announced plans to adopt in the future, AMOLED panels as Vivo, Huawei, Oppo, Lenovo and other companies.

It was time for Apple to implement a change to the iPhone screen, although it would be in 2017, it is still good news, apart from confirming rumors that the big changes for the iPhone, would be just the the next year.

Therefore, the iPhone 7 come with the same IPS screen that has been present in previous generations apart largely copying the design of the iPhone 6s.

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