So Smart Glow looks, the new light of notifications of the Samsung Galaxy -


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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

So Smart Glow looks, the new light of notifications of the Samsung Galaxy

Dad welcome Smart Glow, the new light of notifications that begin apparently some brand new mobile of Samsung Galaxy range. The first to be seen with this new feature has been the Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016), which a few days of their submission has been revealed in a photograph that reveals the presence of a light of notifications distributed around the main chamber.

The large circle surrounding the main chamber would become precisely the Smart Glow, light notifications in this new Galaxy J2 2016 will replace the usual LED on the front of the phone. This light will work as it does a conventional LED notifications, and will serve to warn the user of notifications through different colors. But, in the not too distant future, the Smart Glow will have more features yet.

Smart Glow, more than notifications

The light that emit the Smart Glow not be limited only to inform users of incoming notifications, or at least that is what is expected of higher-end phones that premiere this feature. As he revealed a few days ago , in the future this sensor will also serve to, for example, indicate the weather forecast through different colors (green correspond to good weather, while blue indicate rain forecast) .

For now, the Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016) has yet to be introduced in India, and is expected to become a reality presentation throughout this week. We have to wait until then to find out if this model is scheduled to land in Europe and whether, if so, keep or not the feature of the new light of notifications.

What do you think the light of notifications Smart Glow? Do you think you can replace the traditional LED located on the front, or that is on the back cover makes it less appealing? What if it turns out that the new Samsung Galaxy S8 incorporates this light notifications?

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