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Friday, 29 July 2016

So would the Lightning Adapter for iPhone7 EarPods

A couple of weeks ago appeared on the scene a new filtration on a EarPods Lightning . A little later, filtered a Lightning adapter to 3.5 mm jack. , However, both leaks appeared to be false.

Today has leaked a new video of a Lightning adapter EarPods, and this time its design does match swimmingly with accessories manufactured by Apple.

Are we facing a new Lightning Adapter for iPhone EarPods 7?

Lightning photos adapter EarPods

The collection of photographs leaked on the assumption Lightning adapter to 3.5mm jack. It shows a fixture of about 10 centimeters and white that would allow users to connect EarPods the iPhone and iPad via USB Lightning.

Filtration of this adapter was obtained (through Tinhte ) from the premises of the Foxconn manufacturing industry in Vietnam, and is a supplier of Apple company so we could be facing a filtration 100% real.

Lightning video adapter EarPods

As you can see in the video, the Lightning adapter cable the EarPods is very short, enough to disturb as little as possible to users of the iPhone in July .

On the other hand, as previously we overtook the Lightning adapter EarPods filtering in the video is very similar to existing adapters sold on the website of the Cupertino company and the Apple Store.

¿Accessory actual filtration or third?

When the Lightning adapter for 3.5mm jack. the EarPods for iPhone 7 is connected to a device with iOS 9 (or earlier) incompatibility message appears on the screen of the device.

However, being connected to the beta of iOS 10 accessory seems to work properly without any problem. And this could be a very interesting about the veracity of filtration Lightning adapter EarPods track.

However, the adapter shown in photos and video could well belong to a company of accessories for iPhone and iPad. The adapter combines perfectly with the design of Apple products, and is able to operate with a lot of headphones (see video), but for the moment we can not confirm or deny anything.

Launch Apple adapter for your EarPods with iPhone 7?

EarPods Bluetooth, EarPods Lightning, Lightning adapter or EarPods, that is the question. Apple could have planned the development and manufacture of any of these three options.

The most plausible, perhaps, and more comfortable for users of iPhone 7 (in our humble opinion) would be the option of Bluetooth EarPods . However, with Apple everything it could happen. What do you mean / as, guys / girls?

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