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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Solving Problems Jailbreak iOS 9.2 - 9.3.3

Recently Pangu has released iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak for both iPhone and iPad. As is the case with every new version of firmware or Jailbreak, accompanied by some problems which today we show you the solution.

If you've done the Jailbreak your iOS 9.3.3 device you may have encountered some other malfunction. Here are some of the most common and possible solutions, so you can enjoy your iPhone or iPad No problem.

Problems Jailbreak iOS 9.2 - 9.3.3 and possible solutions

Cydia keeps crashing

One of the most common problems is that Cydia, the jailbreak app store, has operational problems. To fix restores the device completely (not through a backup), restore one of your backups and returns to Jailbreak, it should suffice.

Stuck in the discharge of Pangu

If you were unable to perform the Jailbreak your iOS 9.3.3 device because the process of downloading Pangu is stuck is possible that the utility is not functioning properly. Try closing and re - launch the software again, it is a solution that it works pretty well.

Location services do not work

If location services are not working properly after iOS 9.3.3 download the libLocation tweak, available in the repository ModMyi free. If it is not solved and restart the iPhone or reset the network settings.

Default Repository disappeared

This problem is quite rare, but no major problem and the best solution for this is to add it manually. You certainly know some of the most popular among users as BigBoss or ModMyi repositories.

Some settings do not work

Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 has been available for just a few hours, so developers need to brush up adjustments to polish any problem through small updates.

What to do after 7 days?

Depending on the method you used to use iOS 9.3.3 you can last 7 days. If you used a regular account Apple developer, the codesing profile is valid for a week. However, you will not lose the jailbreak forever, you can reboot and reinstall the PP Jailbreak.

accidental deletion of the app PP

If you have accidentally deleted the PP application does not have to worry, since installing check again. Run on computer assistant PP and find the application icon, the tool will start the jailbreak again and add the application again to your device.

At the moment these are all problems that have been identified so far and that we have known thanks to the guys CydiaGeek . If you know some other problem Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 and its solution do not hesitate to share it with other readers in the comments.

1 comment:

  1. I accidentally deleted the pp app from general settings now my phone is not jailbroken and cannot use for long, i triend the pc method to re jailbreak it but it keep on restart the phone any solution for this
    I can i revert back to my old state?


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